Add your own leads on HOOK


We are excited to announce that now you can also add your own leads on HOOK and start managing them. You can avail every feature of HOOK on your own lead – be it adding activities, setting up reminders, using filters, modifying their details, sending email, tracking email opens/clicks, timeline view etc. Therefore even if …
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Notifications on HOOK to keep you updated

notifications cover

Notifications features on HOOK is now out of alpha mode. Until now we were adding more and more notifications on HOOK so that you don’t have to do to&fro between HOOK and you mailbox. Objective of notifications is very simple – to keep you posted with all important things happening in your account. Following are …
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[PTT] How to push your packages on top of deals section on


We have recently launched a new initiative – Business Advantage Plan under which we are giving unlimited PTT (Push to top) feature to all our agents. PTT means your package ,uploaded on HOOK, will be pushed to the top of the deals section of to get maximum exposure among the travelers community. Why should …
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Automatic Distribution of leads to subusers on HOOK


We have been hearing lot of feedbacks that it takes a lot of time for master to assign leads to his subusers. Subusers are the sales executive who are doing the ground work and brings revenue for the company. It is manager’s responsibility to assign leads to subusers which is a tedious & repetitive task. …
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Custom Email Alerts of enquiries is Live!


Your request for custom email alerts has been pending for long time. May be this time we took some time but it’s always better late than never. We are very happy to announce that we have launched the custom email alerts of enquiries for all our agents. It took us a couple of months to …
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How to advertise your deals/offer on homepage of Hellotravel

bap plan

We have recently launched a very interesting plan under which you can advertise your deals/offer on homepage of, mark a review as favorite on your company profile on, get your negative reviews on hold until resolved and much more – all bundled up in a package named ‘Business Advantage Plan (BAP)’ at a …
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Travel Package Posting Guidelines

Hellotravel allows users to add their holiday packages to generate business through the platform. Playing nice isn’t rocket science, but just in case, we’ve put together these general guidelines. Please read the guidelines below for posting a package. Complete: We love good packages that are complete including good quality & original photos, day wise itinerary, …
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Add file size against a lead

add file size

It is very important in sales function to measure the opportunity size of a lead. Opportunity size in our case is the price of the package which we have pitched to a customer. We have provided you a ‘file size Rs.’ field in a lead so that you can easily view the opportunity size. This …
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Write Now, Send Later

send mails later

Write an email now and schedule it to send automatically when you know travelers will read it. We’ve listened to your feedback and are proud to announce the feature you’ve asked for the most: scheduling emails to send later. Scheduling emails gives you precise control for when your email reaches the traveler’s inbox. For example, you can …
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Re-HOOK your customers. Send mail in bulk

send in bulk - rehook

Until now you could send emails individually to your customers on HOOK, and can even track it. We have upgraded it and have developed a module of sending bulk emails directly via HOOK. How it works: 1. Select the lead(s) to which you want to send the email on ‘My Leads‘ page. If you want …
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