5 Social CRM Tools for Small Business

Tools for Customer relationship management have been present in the market for a long time. To manage customer interactions across channels and departments, including marketing, sales, customer service, and technical support. Business uses them quite efficiently. One specific zone where traditional CRM systems steps back are there inability to incorporate social network data about customers. This is significant as usually consumers ask product-related questions, and share about that with their friends and followers.

So in that case role of CRM tools is quite important. Given below is the list of those tools which are best for small business.


As like other CRM tools, Batchbook allows businesses to manage their contacts and address books, and track conversations, sales, leads, deals, and more. However, it is not the same as traditional systems just because of the social media integration. Batchbook users can look at the LinkedIn profiles and read Twitter feeds from inside the platform. Even connection with Facebook could be done to get background information on contacts. A free trial for thirty days is present for this tool. However, later on, you can purchase it for $20 per month. If you choose an annual plan, then two months free service is also there.



CRM, social media, and collaborative tools are merged into a single SaaS solution by Nimble. Nimble is made keeping in mind the background and link with social Jon Ferrara who is the CEO of Nimble refers to it “social relationship management” platform rather than a CRM. This platform provides an Automated social integration that is on its own it finds out a  contact’s social profile on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and then bond, listen and engage with them. It also acts as a unified box which listens to the related conversations taking place on social networks and connect them.  It has a great feature of looking out all social network and finding people who have interest in the product and service related to your field. Even a free plan is present for the same which has limited features. Premium plans cost at $15 per user per month. A free trial of 14 days is also available.



BlueCamroo’s has a special social CRM component which is known as “Social Scout”. It further offers merchants to view and post to their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts.  It costs $29 per month. A 31-day free trial is also there for the people.



A built-in integration with LinkedIn and Twitter is offered by unsightly so that merchants can exhibit social data from inside the dashboard. Contacts can be imported from LinkedIn connections. Even to the existing contacts, LinkedIn profiles are added. Even integration is built on the platform with Gmail, Google Apps, and Google Drive. This costs $20 per month. A free plan is also present.



GreenRope is an enterprise-level CRM which has four core features which make it unique. They are contact management, marketing, project management, and calendaring. From a single interface, social media campaigns can be managed. It starts at $99 per month. A free trial for thirty days is offered.

Thus these are the five effective CRM Tools for small business.