5 Ways To Make The Best Use Of Email Marketing In Your Travel Agency

Having a travel agency is a great option provided you have captured the market. Nowadays with the increasing competition, people use a number of promotional methods by which they can maintain their position in the market.  The need for this is due to competitors. So there are a number of tools for promotion from advertising on social media, broadcast media, print media or online media.  In the world of modernization, online media is used by a number of people and the best way in online media is email marketing. Given below are the five ways by which you can choose email marketing and make your travel agency a great hit.

1. Send special deals via email marketing

In the era of smartphones everybody opens there email at least once a day, so try sending your special deals to people by email. Like, add such details which could attract people. Even make it more attractive by giving a special offer such as the first ten people who book this package will get some discount. By this, you can increase your customers. This is one of the best ways of using Email Marketing in your travel agency.


2. Send personalized emails for feedback

To make your company’s reputation it is very important to build a relationship with your client. In that case, send personalized emails to your clients who have gone through your travel company. Ask them about their experience, note down their complaints if there are any and assure them that you will take care of that for future and if something huge has occurred, compensate for that. By this, you will capture the interest of people.


3 Include videos

Including videos in your promotional ads via email marketing for your travel agency will be a great idea. Make a proper video about the whole package showing the locations, special destinations etc. By this people will understand the concept and this will help you to capture public. You can ask a videographer to make a proper video for different places like mix and match packages which look great.


4. For explaining people about your company use customer feedback as a way of promotion

Whosoever goes through your company, take their pictures, some short clip speaking about your company and their experience. Even you can ask them to send you a live video while being on the trip as it could help you to attract more people by using it in your emails. This will make people feel that people actually experienced great and they will at least visit you once for the same.


5. Go for urgent offers

When you send emails, make use of urgent offers in which the deal is quite cheap and express that in this much time period only you can book. Add the best facilities in that urgent offer. If by this you get ten customers, they will surely recommend about your company to 100 more people which will be a benefit for you. So this is a tactic to attract public and even a great strategy of email marketing which travel agencies should use.

Thus, these are the five ways by which you can use email marketing for your travel company and stand out of the crown by making your name shine.