6 Ways How The Travel Industry Is Affecting Other Industry

When we talk about the travel industry it is one of the most promising and growing industry nowadays. It has been facing a constant increase in society. The travel industry is not only expanding its horizons but even affecting the other industries too. Given below is the six ways how the travel industry is affecting our industry.

Undesirable Social and Cultural Change

When we talk about tourism it has actually resulted in the destruction of the social fabric of a community. The more the tourists are visiting the place, the more there is a risk of the place losing its natural identity. The very famous example of this situation in Goa. Beginning from the late 60’s to the early 80’s when the Hippy culture was at the peak, Goa was a haven for all the hippies. They use to visit this place is thousands and changed the whole culture of the state which actually lead to increase in the use of drugs, prostitution, and human trafficking. This had a very massive impact on the country.


Increase Tension and Hostility

Tourism has lead to a rising in tension, hostility, and suspicion between the tourists and the local communities when there is no reverence and sympathetic for different kind of cultures and way of life. This actually resulted in violence and other crimes which are committed against the tourists. There are a number of crimes. The crime against Russians or other communities in Goa is a great example of this


Creating a Sense of Antipathy

To the local community, the tourist had also brought some profits. In maximum all-inclusive package tours, more than 80% of travellers’ fees go in the pockets of airlines, hotels and other international companies, not to local businessmen and workers. To the more, large hotel chain restaurants often import food to please the foreign tourists and very rare put local staff at the position for senior management positions, preventing local farmers and workers from getting the reward for there presence. A sense of antipathy towards the tourists and the government is created by them.


Adverse Effects on Environment and Ecology

One of the most serious impacts of tourist is on the environment which has resulted in increased pressure on the transport capacity of the ecosystem in every tourist region. There is a large scale of deforestation due to the increased demand for transport and construction activities. It has also lead to destabilization of natural landforms while increasing the tourist flow which has resulted in rising of solid waste dumping as well. Even depletion of water and fuel resources is wasted by the tourist. The flow of tourists to ecologically sensitive areas has caused the destruction of rare and endangered species all because of trampling, killing, disturbance of breeding habitats. Noise pollution from vehicles and public address systems, water pollution, vehicular emissions, untreated sewage, etc. have resulted in clear effects on bio-diversity, ambient environment and general profile of tourist spots.

Thus to conclude the tourist industry is causing major impacts to other parts.