Automatic Distribution of leads to subusers on HOOK

We have been hearing lot of feedbacks that it takes a lot of time for master to assign leads to his subusers. Subusers are the sales executive who are doing the ground work and brings revenue for the company. It is manager's responsibility to assign leads to subusers which is a tedious & repetitive task.

We are happy to announce that now HOOK will save you lot of time with the launchof automatic assigning of leads to subusers on HOOK i.e whenever an enquiry is purchased/added in HOOK, it will automatically be assigned to a subuser. Therefore, sales executive will immediately get an enquiry in their account once it is received. It will help in

- Instant replies to travelers
- Prioritizing high performing executives by choosing custom order of assignment
- Bulk transfer of leads from one subuser to other
-helps quick movement if an executive leaves
-No lead shall go unattended

We have by default enabled sequential distribution of leads. However, you can also create the distribution order at your will. Lastly, if you don't wish you can also disable distribution anytime in future. Here's how you can manage the settings of auto distribution of leads

2. Choose the option, of auto assigning, you like

Some FAQ regarding automatic distribution of leads on HOOK


1. How can I customize the order of distribution of leads to my subuser?

A. We have provided an option of customizing distribution order at your end. It's a simple drag drop interface using which you can create the order. You just have to choose the option of 'Start Auto Assign custom' from the drop down of auto assign in 'My Settings' page. 



2. Can I create my own logic of distribution?

A. Currently there are two options - one is sequential distribution and another is customized by you.


3. I don't want leads to be assigned in master account! How can I do it?

A. You shall use automatic sequential order of distribution in which master will not be assigned any lead


4. What will happen when someone leaves my company? How will leads be distributed?

A. You should deactivate the subuser account which is not being used. Deactive accounts will not get leads. Or you can change the password of that account and give it to someone else in your team.


5. I want to assign all the leads from one subuser account to other. How can I do it?

A. You bulk assign leads from 'My Settings' page. This simple interface will help you bulk assign leads from one account to other


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