How To Do B2B Cold Calling For Sale Success in Travel Industry


Cold calling in Travel Industry is an important part of achieving a sales target, however many people find it little awkward to make such random calls, rather they prefer to send emails. But irrespective of how uncomfortable and resistant you are to make such cold calls or visits, you have to initiate these to make convert your potential customers to the permanent one. Moreover sending an email never suffice the purpose especially for travel companies, as by calling them or meeting them you can solve all their queries. Cold emails from companies are often ignored.

For someone who is new to this field this can be an extremely difficult task, for all such people here are some tips to make a cold calling a success by converting it into final sales:

1. Be client-centered:


If you are making a call for the first time, keep your focus on the prospective customer. Don't dwell much into who you are and your company, make your first call totally client-centric. Always remember it is not about you but about your customer, client-centered selling is something required for professional selling.


2. Make your client comfortable:


Make it a rule, never try to sell during your first call or meeting with your client. During your first call try to make your client comfortable so that he can be at ease to share his idea of perfect travel. Take note of everything so that you can come up come with a better plan next time you make him a call or meet him in person. Make your first call effective enough to break the ice.


3. Be prepared:


It is really important to know more about your client. Make sure to fetch maximum information about your client. For e.g. you can't offer him a travel package for Dubai if his interest lies in visiting some cold place. However, don't put any random questions but prepare some logical questions beforehand. It is important to put questions intelligently to generate customer's interest.


4. Don't follow any script:


We understand the importance of introductory script, but once the call has been initiated go with the flow rather than following any cold calling script. Get to know about his profession, interest, and budget but he will give you all this information only if you will gain his confidence through opening conversation. Moreover, every client is different and you cannot use the same script for everyone.


5. Keep it simple:


While you meet or talk with your prospective client for the first time, try to keep it as simple as you can. Don't overwhelm him by showing dreams of his perfect vacation, rather keep his expectations low. Show all your cards only if the client seems interested if you feel that he is showing interest then start dwelling into more details.

Don't forget this is your job to make such cold calls, and you need to love your job to own it. Focus on customer's need rather than pressurizing them to buy, making your client comfortable is the perfect way to build a relationship.