How to get B2B rates of the hotels

Till the time, you have already built your name in the domestic market, it is quite tough to get agents to your business and create successful partnerships with them. There is always effort which can take you there.

So these are the requirements agents look fir and this is how tour operators can meet them.

Instant online booking confirmation

The real-time issue which the agents face is the time which actually takes place when it is to confirm the bookings. A number of tour operators allow a 24-hour turnaround time via email, but this is less perfect than a mechanical booking system. Without having the quick access to check your availability (in real time) and book with you, agents will not be able to make sure with their customers immediately. Instant booking confirmation gives you and the agents an offer of better customer service. For the ones who have the software such as Rezdy, it is a bonus point for them as the agents can log in and book directly.


Successful domestic marketing strategy

To give your agent the confidence that what you are doing is right you need to promote yourself in the right manner in the domestic market.

Even if you are a startup and you have fewer resources following this would be beneficial for you

  • Create your online reviews on TripAdvisor, Google, and Facebook
  • Being in partnership with Visitor Information Centers
  • Building networks at  trade shows
  • Building contracts with OTAs (Online Travel Agencies)

Awareness of how the product fits into international markets

Once you have build links as in you have become acquainted in the local market, and where your tour or activity fits into the needs of people, then you can move towards diverting your other side to the needs of international markets.

Instead of just running towards it go for the survey or research to find out what your competitors are doing, and whether a new tour product is required so as to suit the needs of those who are present in international markets.

For example, if you are aware that most of the Chinese travellers are interested in luxury and shopping, you can place a local stop for shopping in the itinerary you make.

  • There are a host of things to consider when partnering with overseas agents. Make sure you carefully Offering the same commission rate to different kinds of agents
  • Offering only a 5% variation of commission between different types of agents
  • Offering last minute bookings from online travel sites improved rates than agents
  • Giving different domestic and international distribution rates assess who you are working with. 

Understanding commission rates

To most of the agents, the commission is of utmost importance because it is how they earn. The rates are of 2 types such as; the retail rate (what customers pay), and the net rate (what agents see to add their commission).

There are certain commission rate mistakes that you should avoid


Quality assurance program

How do you confirm that your tours are constantly delivered to a high standard? Agents need to find that there is a priority for you because they are to charge if customers have an awful time.

If people are complaining about you to the agents then you should make your mind that they won't recommend you in the future, no matter how high your commission is.

So it’s very important to get B2B rates of the hotels to get more customers.