How to get review from your travelers?

Today, be it a traveler or a customer who is buying an appliance or product would read the reviews about the company that is producing the product before buying it. Reviews can make a break the business for a company. If there are positive reviews for the company, it grabs the attention of new customers towards the brand and drives them to buy your products. The reviews play a critical role in increasing the sales and reputation. For a travel agency, reviews are critical. Before deciding to contact a travel agency, many travelers read the reviews about the agencies that are left by the travelers who availed your services. Based on the reviews, they decide whether or not to contact you. Therefore, it is highly critical for you to compel your customers to leave a review about their travel experience and the services offered by your travel agency. As per the studies, it was found that around 53% of the travelers disclosed that they would not book with the travel agencies until and unless they do not read reviews about them. There are 80% of travelers who have read the reviews 8 to 12 times on review websites before contacting any travel agency.
Few of the ways to get more reviews from the existing and new travelers include:

Ask customers to post a review during the tour

Once the tour ends, the customers will be busy with their lives and they could not spare time to write a review for your travel agency. So, the best time to ask them to post a review about the experience with your travel agency is during the tour. This is the time when the experiences will be fresh in the minds of the customers. In addition, they will have enough time in the tour period where they can leave a review on review websites. The more reviews you get, the stronger you can build your brand reputation. 


Make your travel agency available on all the review platforms

You need to make your travel agency on the reliable and best review platforms to allow the travelers who have availed your services to post a review about your agency. You can give a provision on your official site, but also you need to allow them to post on other places where many travelers would be sitting. The best review platforms help you to gain more business. Many people rely on these best review platforms to find the right travel agency. This is the platform where you can promote and get travel experience reviews from the travelers. You can also use other mediums to gather the reviews such as social media accounts, Google business, and website and review websites. 


Give rewards to the Tour guides

Tour guides are actually the reflection of your business that can actually make and break the experience of the travelers. The tour has to get started by introducing them to the travelers and spend a lot of time with the group. At the end of the trip, the existing and new travelers will have a good rapport with the guide and they will be glad to the share the feedback with them and give complements about your travel agency. The tour guides are one of the medium to ask the travelers to write a review about the travel agencies online. When you ask in person than sending an email would reap you promising results.

You can also start an incentive plan for your team to keep them motivated. When your team is motivated, they will encourage the travelers to write a review about your travel packages and travel experience.


Email the travelers within 24 hours of their itinerary

You can send an email to the customers after 24 hours of their trip. If you want for some more time, they would be in a plan for another tour and try for another experience. They also forget to keep track of key elements that they have enjoyed in the trip. When the follow up email is crafted, make sure to keep the email personal and about the brand. You can ask them to share their travel experience and how your services have made their tour amazing and you can also take feedback from them by asking two to three survey questions. Once you receive the response from the customers, you can compose a personalized message and send to the customers for their feedback. You can also encourage existing and new travelers to post the review on your website by providing them with the link to the page. This will compel many customers to post a review on the page, thus helping you get many reviews briskly.
The ranking of the travel agencies is given by considering reviews as one of the criteria. You need high quality reviews and more reviews that are posted by the travelers on the best review platforms throughout the year.
These are a few ways you can try to get reviews from the travelers who used the services of your travel agencies.