How to push your packages on top of deals section on

We have recently launched a new initiative - Business Advantage Plan under which we are giving unlimited PTT (Push to top) feature to all our agents. PTT means your package ,uploaded on HOOK, will be pushed to the top of the deals section of to get maximum exposure among the travelers community.
Why should you PTT your packages:
1. Deals/Packages section of receives more than 3 million visitors each month.
2. Deals section generates more than 50,000 enquiries each month. The best part is enquiries generated through your package is free for you.
3. 80% visitors of deals section limit themselves to first 5 page of packages. Therefore more your PTT, more are the chances of your package being watched and enquired.
How to PTT (Push to top) your packages on HOOK.
1. Login into your account
2. Click to 'My Packages' link present in the left sidebar(for desktop) and main menu for mobile users.
3. Against every approved package you will see a button of 'Push to Top' as shown here:

Once clicked it will be displayed on home page of deals section like this: