How to remarket your existing/old travelers?

Do you want to gain business from your old travelers? Then, you need to keep in touch with the customers to inform them about the offers. It costs you more to retain an existing customer than gaining a new one. However, if you satisfy the traveler, they would refer your travel agency to their friends and family members, thus helping you get more business. The best way is to remarket about the offers to the existing customer base.

As per, few of the strategies that you can use to remarket your existing or old travelers include:

Have a beautiful website

Many travelers would keep browsing the internet to learn about the travel packages that are offered by different agencies. If you want to become a successful travel agency, you need to build a beautiful travel website. This is the centerpiece to attain more business. This is the place where you can offer abundant information about tourist products within the budget of every traveler. You should keep on updating the content on your site to make your site interesting. You can send newsletters to your old travelers about the tour packages that you are offering to evoke you when you are planning to go for a vacation.


Talk to them regularly

It is easy to get in touch with the customers. You should use various means to communicate with them and remember you forever. This can be done through email newsletters, mailing and blogs. These methods will allow the customers to keep you in their minds and they will be confident that you are around them when they are in need of you. You can also call and inform them about the latest tourism packages and offers that you are giving for summer vacation or other vacations. You can also ask them whether you can do anything for them.


Get personal

If you want your travel agency to come into the minds of the customers when they are planning for a business trip or a pleasure trip, you need to build a strong relationship with the customers. This can be done by sending the cards on their special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. 


Shower your appreciation

When you appreciate the old travelers for taking your services will make the travelers turn loyal towards you. This is the best remarket technique used. Whenever they plan any vacation, they will certainly avail services from you. The best thing is that you can offer discounts on the travel packages to the customers who are revisiting you. Once the customer avails your travel services, you should send a thank-you note to create a positive impression about you in the minds of the customers. This is often neglected by many. You need to take some time to appreciate the customers for their business.



Every person loves gifts. You can give some gifts, as goodwill to your customers to boost your brand and increase awareness about your brand. You do not need to spend a huge amount from your marketing budget to give gifts; you can gift them in the form of giving discounts or offers on the tourism packages. 


Manage your brand name

If a customer is not happy with the services offered by the travel agency, it takes a toll on the reputation of your brand. When you offer excellent customer service, the customers will keep coming back again and again to plan a next trip as per your travel needs.


Spread good news about your travel agency

If anything comes about your travel business or agency in the magazine, you can share with the customers. This boosts the confidence in their mind and encourages them to recommend other people to your travel agency to avail your tour packages and other travel services.


Take the feedback

You can take the feedback from the customers to learn about the areas of improvement in the service quality of your travel agency. If you take the feedback from the customers and address the concerns that they have faced seriously, they feel confident on your services. This also increases the trust in your business. They turn more loyal for your products and services. 


Follow up

You need to reach them out regularly to learn about their travel needs. There is a lot of effort that has to be put from your end to follow up the customers. Though you have to work hard to follow up the customers, in the end, you would gain fruitful business from them in the form of referrals and repeated business. 


Give rewards

This is another best way to remarket. You can customize the travel packages at lower rates than the rates that are offered to the new customers to your old travelers as per your travel needs. This increases customer satisfaction and sales for the business. 

These are a few ways that allow you to remarket to your existing customers to get business as per This boosts the reputation of your travel services and helps you increase profits.