How To Respond To Negative Online Reviews

With positivity comes negativity so negative reviews are a part and parcel of every business. You will actually experience some people who are quite positive to you while there will be some who would be quite negative to you. So, in that case, don’t take things to heart rather be kind, have patience and reply in a smart manner.

Given below are some ways how to respond to negative online reviews.

Take a deep breath and be easy

When you read any kind of negative comment, don’t get panic. Be easy, take a deep breath. You need to have patience. Don’t just start calling people or behave like what big stone has fallen on your head. Stay calm and then see what the comment is. Don’t act straight away. Think for a while before commenting.


Read the review and keep in mind that you need to be sorry for whatever it is

A number of times people read the review and they feel they are right and they don’t apologize but that is not the deal. Whatever the situation is or you are right or wrong, just apologize and show your concern. The person should feel that you have concern for them and you understand their loss. So have a sorry mood for the negative review.


Gather the facts

Next step is gathering facts. You need to gather the facts that what the problem was and how it emerged. Recall all the issues related to the problem so that you can reply accordingly. Your facts should prove the reason of the problem and why this has actually occurred. Even you should keep in mind that you thank the person who has given a negative response. This is like you thank them for giving the reviews as it will actually lead to your improvement.


Reply privately

Ok! So now you have to reply to the client, the best way is to go private. You need to be pleasing when you reply. You can either reply through a phone call or email. This is the best way to get personally in touch with people and accept your mistake. This will help people to get into personal relations and even you can make good connections. Getting into the private conversation will actually save your client for the future too. So reply privately. Also you can reply to your customer’s reviews on via your account’s review section


Offer option

The other way to please your client and then accepting your mistake is offering another option. People will actually feel bad because of your product or company, so in that case, using a loving gesture, do provide them with some complementary service. By this, the customer will feel that you are accepting your flaws and you want to compensate your fault, so in that case, offering an option such as a product or any kind of service will be a great need to show your apology.

Thus to conclude these are simple and easy ways by which you can respond to negative online reviews and save your client.