How to Tie up with Big Travel agency?

Hello Travel is an amazing platform to grow your business and generate leads. Hello Travel is the largest pay per seen lead platform you have never heard of. We connect genuine travelers looking for agents to plan their holidays. It is a great platform in which you get paid for all leads that are sold by us and on all transactions against each lead.  If you are a travel business or independent travel agent looking to grow your business Hello Travel is your platform. But before we get into the details of business growth, let us understand how to register and be a member of Hello Travel:

Who can Join?

  • There are no eligibility criteria as such. All you need is a potential source to generate genuine leads. However, our team reviews each application before approving membership with us. It typically takes less than 48 hours to review your application. 
  • You need to fill the online form available on the website and you are good to go. It is as simple creating a facebook account.
  • Once you are registered with us you can start posting about your business/property and publish. Our site is a very user friendly with all the necessary plugins so that even a layman can understand how to go about it.
  • Every lead is tied up to 4 travel agents so that they get choices and options. You have the opportunity to earn with each lead you generate by the purchase they make from your business.
  • Once you have signed up with us you have access to all our features to grow the business and be at the top of the game.

We provide a platform to promote your business

Images speak more than words. With our highly professional website customers have already build a great sense of trust in the coming years. All those who are seriously looking for the best travel deals know that Hello Travel is the best place to set their hands on. We have created a virtual family of more than thousands of customers who we trust and who trust Hello Travel.


We provide genuine leads

The customers get to see the results of the hotels and places based on what they are looking for. So only the leads who are genuine and seriously looking for the booking are the ones who gets referred to the agents. So no worry of getting the unauthentic leads and customers.


We regularly help to promote and market your product

Several high quality articles are published on our website regularly which connects users to us and thus help us establish a strong bond with our customers. We have a very strong community of users who believe in us and thus keep coming back again and again. The most successful businesses use the strategy of blog marketing and we at Hello Travel are all about helping our customers with genuine feedback and support for the best travel experience.


Ratings and feedback by the customers help you grow with us

For us our users are the first priority and we make sure to provide them best user experience. We have to build a virtual family with a community of our customers who seek Hello Travel time and again because of the trust we have gained over the years. Once the customer gives a good review of your listed property it would help more people know about the business and thus its growth. We at Hello Travel take care of all your needs that could help you be one of the best travel agency and provide our customers with the best possible experience.