How to use social media for leads generation

Some basic preparation work is required for travel professionals who are looking for leads online. They need to undergo a process before they put in the time and resources into social media marketing. 

Across social channels, you need to strive for brand consistency. Before you create a relationship with a possible customer on social media you need to be sure that the accounts and branding are the recent ones: Logos, signature colours, taglines, bios, avatars and headers should all match. 

Taking this move further, you need to be sure that the social media posts, updates, links and comments also show the brand's personality. Reliable posting that reflects the tone and voice of the brand are very important to make a sustainable social media presence that is striking to the possible customers.

Forms, traffic and conversions

To reach leads on social media there are three ways/:

A fan/follower first sees an update and executes an action that is it offers a response to a call to action or asks for information); second, by appointment when a friend "likes" or shares a post; and third, by the means of a targeted social media marketing ad campaign.

With social media marketing, one of the biggest mistakes people which people make is that the focus on quantity, not quality. Instead, you should look out to maintain a steady stream of updates on a few social media channels as an alternative to spreading yourself too thin by trying to be present on every social media site. If making a sustainable digital footprint is the goal that you should focus on quality, not quantity.


Build it, and they will come

You need not waste time. Your focus should be on knowing what media channel your customer use and leave the rest. Look out for people who are interested to travel via a grouping of paid ads and engaging content. Go for polling, asking and get survey forms to the existing clients to find out where customers actually want to visit.

On Facebook, create a custom Fan page and run "like" campaigns that target people interested in travel. Put in different kind of content formats which comprises of photos, text, videos and outbound links to an agent's website.

For real-time engagement, Twitter is a great option. Share industry news, photos, text updates and links to landing pages. Think of going g for Promoted Tweets for highly targeted campaigns.


Build trust first, then ask for the order

Will you opt for doing business with a trusted advisor or you will spend money on a product or service from a stranger?

People usually prefer to do business with people they trust or with someone who has been referred by a friend. 

Through posting engaging content, you can create a relationship with leads is to create a social media dialogue 


Finding leads through social media

A number of ways are there to find out people for social media but the best and simple way out is to search with the phrase "planning a vacation" to see who is thinking about a vacation. 
Going through this open-ended question is a great way to start creating a relationship. 


Rules of engagement

Tagging people on social media is another rule of engagement. Even you can get leads is by liking the post and building a relationship with the people who have left comments on the posts.

These are some of the tactics that allow you to use social media for leads generation effectively.