Increase productivity by 20% by setting Reminders on HOOK

Timely reminders on to dos help increase productivity of everyone - including you and your employees. After personally talking to set of our clients who had set reminders for all important actions against a lead on HOOK, we found out that their revenue collection per person increased by 20%. Wowww...isn't that great :)

Keeping this in mind we have recently upgraded our 'Set Reminder' option to help increase your revenue. You can find now some frequently used reminders options pre-defined in hook so that you can set a reminder in single click. Have a look below:

What is Reminder?

It is a feature to remind you of the action you need to take on a particular lead. HOOK will send the email to your primary email account with lead id and the note you have entered while creating the reminder. Subuser will receive reminder in the email which was used for creating the account.

Will my subuser get the reminder?

If subuser has set the reminder then he will get the reminder alert at his email address.

Can I type a note in reminder?

Yes you can type a note what action you have to take while setting up the reminder.


Will I also get an SMS at my number?

Currently No. We can start sending SMS on reminder if we get more than 50 requests from agents like you. To request for sending SMS on reminder, please email us at