Integrated Communication Centre

It is very important, as a travel company, to harness the power of CRM to better understand/target your customers. Therefore, we have now launched an integrated communication centre to help you achieve high maturity rate.
High maturity rate is directly proportional to higher contactability and higher contactability can be achieved only through data driven approach i.e knowing the right channel, right time, or the right situation in which customer will be ready to take the decision of booking a tour. HOOK takes into account zillions of data points to come back to you with precisely that. Therefore using HOOK to maintain communication gives you better maturity.

5 Reasons to communicate via HOOK:

1. Multitasking - You can communicate with multiple customers by sending email messages in bulk.
2. Instant Notifications - You can know when your customers open/interact with your emails.
3. Unified customer view - You can view complete customer journey in one go.
4. Data protection – your data is protected from mis-use.
5. Complete privacy - only you know what is being communicated with your customers.
6. Productivity – you can monitor and increase productivity of your sales team.



Earlier I thought CRM is only for analyzing my data, however after using HOOK I realized that CRM can be a multi channel communication & analytics tool. It helped me increase my maturity rate by whopping 5%. Kudos to Hellotravel team
- Ankur, Travel Ganesha Pvt. Ltd
Great, how do I start:
We heard you & your account is enabled for use. You need to login into your account & start updating sales leads and follow-up details on HOOK.