Launching QUOTE PACKAGES by hellotravel - FAQ

A new way to get FREE leads through Hellotravel - Quote your price on other's packages.

What is Quote Packages?

It is our newly launched feature on HOOK which allows you to quote on other's packages and get free leads if the traveler enquires on your price. You can anytime change your quoted price & the validity of your offering.

Key Benefits of using QUOTE PACKAGES:

  1. FREE LEADS - Enquire now option increases your chance of getting more free leads
  2. MORE VISIBILITY - Your company name, ratings are visible on others packages
  3. LESS EFFORT - Readymade travel packages on which you can quote

How can you quote on other's packages?

This feature is already activated in your HOOK account. You can find 'Quote Packages' link under MY PACKAGES menu on the left side. We have made it easy for you to find out by placing a 'new' ticker beside the link. See the screenshot above.


How will my price be displayed other's package?

When you have quoted your price, you get displayed on respective package page with your price offer and an enquire now button. So if the traveler finds your pricecompetitive and matching his budget, he may enquire and you get that lead for FREE.

Who is it for?

It has been designed for all HOOK users.

How many packages can I quote on?

For every single package you upload, you can quote on 5 packages of others. So its pretty simple- upload 1 package and quote on 5 of others.. We will show you the best packages you can quote based on the packages you have uploaded.


How do you opt out of this feature?

There is an ON/OFF button on right top corner of the page from where you can opt in and opt out of this feature anytime you want. Please remember if you opt in for this feature, you are allowed to quote your price on others packages & others have access to do the same on your packages.While if you opt out, you will no longer be able to quote price on others packages & likewise others will also not have access to your packages.

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