Search feature on HOOK - Reach out to the right lead instantly

We have introduced the search feature in hook which is more robust than previous version. Now you can reach out to a specific lead on the basis of Name, Email, Phone, Lead Id, or Assigned To.


How to search a lead?

  1. Just select the criteria with which you want to search a lead in dropdown of 'Search By'  in 'My Leads' page.
  2. Type in your search query and click on Go. That's it

You don't need to type in the complete name or email of the customer. If you remember even partial name, email, phone, or lead id HOOK will find you the right customer. It's fast, easy and saves a lot of time in reaching out to the right lead from the list.

PS: Assigned to is the name of the subuser account you have used while creating it from master account.