Travel Agency Name Ideas In India

Having a creative travel agency name for your company is quite important. It is a basic key by which you can attract people. It stands out of the crowd and sees that the name you are selecting is unique, goes for the following ways.

  • Register your business name with your state and see if the name is accessible.
  • Develop a website and check if the name domains are present.
  • If you like a name, Google it up and see what results in you get, just to see there's nothing annoying connected with your chosen name.

The basic work of a travel agency is to guide people to their favored destination along with other details. The Internet has been a vast boon but has abridged the work of a travel agency (if they don't have a website). People can just look out on the net and book tickets also. The businesses of travel agencies face unbendable competition in order to actually stand out and make their position in the society.

Finding A Catchy Name

A suitable and catchy name can be a great help because it is going to be your first notion, technically. You can always make use of common words linked to travel like travel, voyage, journey, etc., and make it into something very attractive. You can also name your business by your specialty like for example the place you expertise in (To Europe, With Love) or name that suits the reason like Upper Crust Cruises (refined people). You can also keep a name with a funny meaning, but it should be something like a catchy too. Another option can be making use of the words that mean something in connection to travel in any foreign language. Also, finally, keep it uncomplicated, something that is quite easy to memorize, because even in the present time, word of mouth is still the best source when we talk about marketing.


Some Name Suggestions

Here are a few suggestions for your travel agency business 

  • Get-A-Way! ~ Great Getaways
  • Hitch-A-Hike! ~ Predestinations ~ Far Trek
  • To Europe, With Love ~ Get Lost!
  • Hoorayzone! ~ Take Off ~ Wanderlust
  • Fancy Flights ~ Travel router
  • Ticket To Ride ~ It's A-boat Time
  • Two by the Sea (couples)
  • Eastern Exposures ~ Traveling Pants
  • Travel in your own way
  • Comfort travel Service
  • Travel with fun
  • Hello India
  • Passionate Travel Company
  • Make my holidays
  • Safe journey Travel Company
  • Hello happy travel

Thus these are some of the names which you can choose for your travel company. These names are unique, easy and are quite catchy too. You can choose any from them but do check that someone is not already the same business using these names. So after being clear you can register the name and start your luck in this business. Don’t forget to have a website for the business as it is the main source of attraction.