How to generate travel leads free of cost?

If you are a travel agency, destination management company, Online travel agent, hotelier or any other company in travel sector; you must need leads every day to keep your business running. In travel industry lead is a buzzword and there are multiple paid solutions around it as well. Travel leads industry is more than of 100 crore size in terms of revenue and is growing. It is difficult for a new company to start spending to procure leads from day 1. Startups always look for free options first and once the revenue starts pouring in they look for paid options to scale their business.

Following are the ways you can generate travel leads free of cost:

1. Hellotravel

First and foremost - hellotravel provides a free verified leads directly in your inbox and smsbox if you register on hellotravel and verify your profile page. You just have to upload your packages on hellotravel and if someone (out of 3 million monthly users) is interested in your package he can enquire and make a call to you. Lead generated through your package on is free for you and you will get an instant update in your mailbox and smsbox when someone enquires. Besides a virtual phone number will also be shown on which will be forwarded to your number. All this at no cost. Therefore, with least effort you can generate highly qualified & verified leads through hellotravel. Create your account now


2. Twitter

Thousands of people post tweet on twitter regarding where to travel and where to book etc on twitter all the time. Research says every other minute someone is asking a travel question on twitter. They are using different hashtags in their tweets while mentioning their questions. You just have to look for such tweets and answer their questions. Probability is very high they would share more details with you and in case you can provide them required service they are looking for...Therefore, free resource of lead generation.

Some hashtags around which travel related talks happen are:

# - hashtags              accounts reached

1.  TravelTuesday          1,770,259

2. tt                                  1,060,888

3. ttot                               441,773

4. TBEX                           368,675

5. LP                                 337,938

6. MexMonday               319,088

7. BeachThursday          263,385

8. rtw                                225,397

9. TravelMassive            190,461

10. Travel

A good read:


3. Forums

Forums are a place where like minded people discuss different topics around their area of interest. There are multiple forums on travel out there on internet. But few are very good such as Thorntree, You will find multiple enthusiasts seeking for travel help. You just need to create an account and start helping them. In return you can offer your service to them as well. However, there is a thumb rule of each of these forums - if you are just promoting your service and not contributing to the discussion then you will be banned. So first help and then get the benefitte


4. Facebook

Most famous and where more than 1 billion people are registered. Millions are active daily on Fb. Billions of discussions are happening around each and every topic on facebook and travel is one of the top category. You will find many users seeking for travel help on travel related pages. Therefore, as it happens on forums if you are serving society with your consultancy then these people will seek your service as well. Go through the comments on facebook pages and groups on travel and start responding people. Do leave the link of your website so that users can know more about you.